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All our chocolate is crafted using 100% Belgian chocolate

Custom Belgian Chocolate Creations - Get the best chocolate in Toronto the way you like it with our custom creations. All our chocolate is crafted using 100% Belgian chocolate and each item is made with care exactly how you ordered it. To get started, select your chocolate base. Choose from our 4 flavours; milk chocolate, white chocolate, dark chocolate, and extra dark chocolate. Next, add your favourite toppings, fruits, herbs, candy and more. If designing your own custom creation you may choose up to 5 toppings from our different categories or choose from any of our popular pre-designed chocolate bars. Place your finished items in the cart and choose the delivery method that works best for you!

  • Chocolate Making How To Videos
    Learn how to be a Chocolate Master by watching our How to Videos. Our Chocolatiers guide you through A to Z in chocolate making… makes you want to clear the counters and roll up your sleeves!
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  • Try Our Chocolate Making Workshops
    Our classic chocolate making workshops are ideal for excited chocolate crafting beginners and any chocolate lover wanting a hands- on lesson into the world of chocolate making!
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  • Chocolate Making Supplies
    For all the do-it your selfers: the creative, and crafty souls, the foodies, bakers and chefs, gift givers and receivers… Get all that you need to make your very own personalized chocolates!
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The Chocolate Shop is about shopping with a whole new taste! Founder and Chocolatier, David, invites you along his European journey as you enjoy his signature inspirations from his travels. » Read more
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