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Dark Chocolate
Nut Free Chocolate Toronto

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"I Love You!" Message:

"Thank You!" Message:

Black Aniseed Spheres:

Candy Coated Licorice :


Chocolate Pebbels :

Chocolate Shavings:

Chocolate Sprinkels :

Chocolate Teeny's Semi :

Chow Mein Noodle:

Coffee Beans :

Corn Flakes:

Crystalyzed Ginger :

Currants :

Dark Chocolate CrispPearls:

Diced Apricot:

Diced Dates :

Dreid Cranberries :

Dried Blueberries :

Dried Raspberries :

Dried Strawberries :

Goji Berries:

Graham Wafer:

Gum Drops :

Jelly Beans Assorted :

Mango Slices :

Milk Chocolate CrispPearls:

Mini Cub Gummies :

Mini Marshmallows:

Mini Pretzels:

My new topping:

Papaya Chunks :

Pinapple Wedges :

Rainbow Sprinkles :

Sea Salt :

Smarties :

Snowflake Quins:

Strawberry Chocolate CrispPealrs:

Sultana Raisins:

Teddy Grahams:

Turkish Delight :

White Chocolate CrispPearls:

"Congratulations!" Message:

"Get Well!" Message:

"Happy Anniversary!" Message:

"Happy Birthday!" Message:

Apple Rings:

Banana Chips:

Cayenne Pepper:


Crisp Pearls:

Dried Cranberries:

Description Weight and Size
100% Belgian Dark Chocolate
55% cocoa content

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Nut Free Chocolate Toronto Nut Free Chocolate Toronto Nut Free Chocolate Toronto Nut Free Chocolate Toronto
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